The Irish District Energy Association (IrDEA) was set up by its Directors, Dr David Connolly and Donna Gartland, in 2017. IrDEA is the only trade organisation representing the district heating and cooling (DHC) sector in Ireland. We act on behalf of our members to support and promote the growth of the DHC industry, creating a new heating market for Ireland which offers greater opportunities to utilise indigenous low-carbon and renewable sources of heat. IrDEA was established in 2018 as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee, and has members from across the public, private and academic sectors.

DHC systems are utlised widely across Europe, providing cities and towns with affordable, low-carbon heating and cooling. District heating networks supply heat and are fuel and technology agnostic; any source that can heat water can be utilised to supply the network, meaning district heating supports all potential suppliers of heat, from geothermal, biomass and industrial waste heat to solar thermal and CHP. IrDEA therefore indirectly supports these other industries, and we benefit from this shared interest with other associations representing these industries in Ireland.

IrDEA is the go-to place to find expertise and information on DHC in Ireland. Our members include leading actors in the district heating sectorin Ireland, whoose background ranges from practical experience of DHC design and operation, to international research and in-depth knowledge of policy and the barriers affecting district heating implementation in Ireland.”

Core Activities

IrDEAs core activities include:

  • Influencing government policy on district heating & cooling (DHC)
  • Supporting the growth of the DHC industry in Ireland
  • Organising conferences and events to promote DHC
  • Making submissions to policy consultations which concern DHC
  • Commissioning and supporting research on DHC in Ireland
  • Cooperation with other relevant organisations in Ireland and Internationally